Why Women Need To Be Spanked



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I need him to love and protect me despite the sting. Unfortunately, though, sometimes spouses and partners get sick of it. I want it all, and I want it now! I'm not very good on day-to-day updates so you might want to check every week or so. He found out it was easier to spank me than listen to my ridiculous comments that he was pussy.

DESCRIPTION: How To Spank A Woman. Whenever I head to the magazine section of the south Salem Fred Meyer store to thumb through car magazines, I walk past several rows of paperback books featuring the romance genre. But sound, just discipline from a strong and capable man — backed up with a sound over the knee spanking — will.

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What modern women want spanking and submission? - HinesSight

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  • Many would ask advice about which spanking paysite I would recommend, others would ask more obscure questions about spanking in professional wrestling, or the title of a mainstream movie that had a spanking scene in it.
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When I met my man I pretty much knew he was strong enough to dominate me, and that's rare. We have psychological layers for very good reasons. I don't know whether your fascination with spanking means you would really like to try it or not, maybe should the occasion arise at some future date you could suggest trying it to the man in your life. July 21, at 5: Treat respect with respect — it just comes in different packages for men and women.

Why All Modern Women Crave a Spanking. September 26, By Rodney Hand 12 Comments. Mind map of the modern woman. All modern Western women crave a spanking. This is an undeniable fact. Yet, many will deny it. This is because the craving is subconscious. Most women are not aware of it and are sadly unaware of what is . Apr 11,  · This Site Might Help You. RE: Why do so many women enjoy being spanked? And not just light swats either, alot of them really like their seats to be on aunne.ru: Resolved.

Why All Modern Women Crave a Spanking

Women are not delicate little china dolls like some men think. Why don't most women look like this? But i can't say I feel as if my husband could destroy me with a word, or turn me into anything he wanted me to be, nor can I say that I think this would be at all advisable. The same applies to spanking. My fantasy would be to be spanked by my 7th grade elementary school teacher. But please, men, I beg you to understand that there is a difference between assertive and asshole.

Jul 02,  · [Ok, I’m not into wrestling. Great scene, however. Constance] Men needs to understand that women don’t resent being spanked. In fact, as suggested by the first clip above, women are built physically and psychologically to relish a good “ass whipping” every now and then. The reason why women want to be spanked isn't because they're full of self-loathing, it's because spanking makes them feel truly free. Why would a women want to be spanked? A woman's desire for a naked over-the-knee spanking is twofold. Part of her wants to be wanted. She wants to belong to someone who really cares about her. Part of her wants to .

She left me standing there for awhile.

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Worse for her is it might be several days before I spank her. I know first hand that when Gary undresses me for a spanking, just how vulnerable and exposed I feel. Kudos to you and your fiestiness, Louise, and kudos to your husband who is not the least bit interested in squelching you or your wonderful spirit. Spanking fetishism also colloquially termed spankophilia is characterized by a person becoming sexually aroused by the giving or receiving of spankings, or both. There is a passion within him that burns beyond lust.


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