Online Hookup Sites For Cancer Survivors



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I don't need my own newsletter but I shouldn't have to school a social worker either! I think it's so sweet and awesome. I still need support!

DESCRIPTION: Not to sound spammy, but there is a cancer survivor dating site called CancerMatch It started in New York City in and now is international. After two years of treatment I thought I would have a break, Im now waiting for a biopsy to see if my cancer has become more agressive. I dont want sympathy for my situation.

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Online Dating Help For Cancer Patients And Survivors

Darryl in reply to Hidden. One of the common benefits online daters reference is that they can avoid the often-awkward small talk that comes with first encounters and instead focus on finding potential partners who share their backgrounds, interests or experiences.

  • Alone with her thoughts for the first time in months, everything about their relationship seemed to blur. So I flipped it:
  • She had two very large cancerous cysts that her surgical team had great trouble I have had stage 2 breast cancer, double mastectomy and radiation.
  • Any survivors of ovarian cancer without having surgery?
  • Ever heard of Stage 4 breast cancer, for example?

Everyones expections are too high, people become narsistic. The psychological toll is harder to quantify. Printer icon An icon showing a printer, indicating the ability to print the associated media. Am I ready to put myself out there again? To Jenifer, the author of this post. I have to say that the comments from Tom about his experiences with online dating services is been my experience as well.

CancerMatch is a powerful cancer survivor networking and dating site. Meet people diagnosed with cancer from all over the world. 1. Completely free. 2. Build your own network of contacts who share your diagnosis. 3. Use built-in messaging tools to meet or mentor. 4. Join, create or lead your own support group. 5. Meet new friends and, . Lung Cancer Survivors online support community members actively engage in discussions around lung cancer, including personal survival stories, helpful resources and information, as well as peer-to-peer support for those affected by lung cancer.

Online Dating Sites for Cancer Patients And Survivors

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I have been single for 7 years, with my diagnosis occurring in June As I returned to dating post treatment, I thought that revealing my health history would be a significant turning point - a make it or break point in a new relationship, and certainly anxiety provoking.

Maybe I have learned too much way too soon, but I am fighting the good fight for those not as healthy as me. I dont want sympathy for my situation.

  • Join Our Lung Cancer Survivors Community on Inspire
  • Any survivors of ovarian cancer without having surgery?
  • Consider What You Want in a Partner

Ive used up all my email accounts trying. Thats the benefit that cancermatch. Maybe I have learned too much way too soon, but I am fighting the good fight for those not as healthy as me. The site explains how diving back into the dating pool after treatment can give the spark needed to kick start a post-cancer life.

Close icon An icon showing an uppercase letter "X", indicating that this will close the current element. It's not just about me and my experience. Isolation is a common byproduct of cancer, but online dating combats that trend. Intimacy and honesty was important for me before cancer. What does that do for the quality of life for a woman like that? Dear Jennifer, it's normal and common for cancer survivors to feel they way you do after treatment ends. I am not alone. My second opinion has to do with women who have had masetomys.

I refuse to do online dating and I'm not very social. The psychological toll is harder to quantify. Any survivors of ovarian cancer without having surgery? This is great site and shared very useful post about dating.. Can anyone please provide a legit. About two and a half years after I was diagnosed with cancer I was diagnosed with Hep-c and I was able to be cured of the Hep-C a little more than a year and a half ago.


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