Bumps Around The Head Of My Penis



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DESCRIPTION: Can someone please give me and him an idea of what it is. What could be the cause?

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Common cause of Bumps on penis

Especially if you are a Virgin you have absolutely nothing to worry about and should not be embarrassed. I could be wrong though. July 21, at 3:

  • Lesion occurs most commonly on shaft of penis, although it can occur anywhere around ano-genital areas. I have this hard little black thing at the tip of my penis right at pee hole.
  • If anyone still had any questions I could answer a few.
  • I have a half dozen soars on my penis all on my shaft except one that have just appeared in last two days. I randomly developed an unpoppable black head type thing on the shaft.
  • Usually they will take on a cauliflower like state and will grow.

Genital warts initially starts with small, smooth or rough, flesh-colored bump and gradually increase in number and size which may be arrange in a groups resembling cauliflower appearance. Submit a new response. June 13, at October 15, at They are like 50 of them, can you please help me please I am really freaking out that it might be some cancer i am only like 14 years old and a virgin please help me. I Have A single white damp lookin bump right above the ridge of my penis its the size of a pea it hurts when isqueeze it n small amounts of blood come out when isqueeze but it doesnt look like hetprs or warts by yhe pics please help and im uncircumcised. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. I have pearly penil papules, i am panicing.

Common Causes of Bumps on Penis

I've never seen or heard about anything like it in my life, so I have to wonder. What should I do? Do see a doctor for a firm diagnosis, though.

All materials on this website are copyrighted. August 4, at 4: I wish everyone the best with their issue. Is this a sign that something is wrong?

Do see a doctor for a firm diagnosis, though. Lines and paragraphs break automatically.

  • Bumps around penis?
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  • Only few cases of syringoma of the penis are documented in English literature.

March 24, at 4: Clinically, syringoma on the penis appear as small asymptomatic yellow-brown or skin-colored bumps that may be localized on back or lateral surface of shaft of penis. January 5, at I have visited the doctor and the dermatologist , both cant seem to give me an answer , i have put on a few different creams from anti fungal, quadriderm tea tree oil u name it.

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Thanks pls respond asap. Help, What's a normal penis? To the people who are worried about the bumps with a small indent and white pus. DermaTalk Skin Care Advice.

Pimples, cysts, ingrown hairs and papules won't do any harm — though if you try to pop them they could get infected. This started today out of nowhere…. June 20, at 9: I have pearly penil papules, i am panicing. I need to get it checked unfortunately money is very very tight at the moment.

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