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Add it to your IMDbPage. Following the tape, Eric insisted his message to Johnny was a joke, but Robin pointed out she didn't hear any humor in what he'd said. Eric called Johnny, and left a voice mail at 1:

DESCRIPTION: Client in the Travel Agency. Eric agreed to the deal, but some of the Stern show cast seemed skeptical, and didn't trust him. Because of his small lung capacity due to his short size, Eric is not able to go under anesthesia for long periods of time, and can not get certain corrective surgeries which would cure some of his conditions.

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Pics Of Eric The Midget’s “Online” Girlfriend Kendra

He truly didn't care what u thought of him.

  • Howard had to interrupt because he had Johnny Fratto and Eric the Midget on the line. After the break Howard brought up Eric the Midget again and said that he wanted him to come in and audition for his Porkey's remake.
  • Eric made one in-studio appearance on November 3, alongside two prostitutes from the Bunny Ranch.
  • Lynch has repeatedly asked Howard Stern to use his influence to get him dates with Clarkson or Underwood, despite the fact that Stern has only a minimal relationship with the show and its cast.
  • Eric stated he was working on a screenplay which he wanted to get made so he can cast Diana DeGarmo in it and meet her , as well as a children's book about a pug dog helping his master meet the girl of his dreams.

On June 5, , Lynch called the Stern Show and complained that his parents had read about him measuring his penis on Wikipedia which he called "Wackipedia" in the article on The Wack Pack. Jimmy Kimmel jimmykimmel September 22, While Stern has yet to comment on the passing as of Sunday night, he had previously referred to Lynch as one of his favorite callers. Which in some ways made him happier than us all. As a result, McPhee refused to record a message for either the Stern show or Lynch when she visited Sirius headquarters on January 30, , according to Howard News.

Eric the Midget to Johnny Fratto: 'You Know What to Do'

Howard said that Eric the Midget was on the phone and he thinks that the guy is out of control.

He demanded that Stern apologize for publicizing the photos, to which Stern quickly refused, explaining that if he didn't want the photos posted to the Internet then he shouldn't have taken them in the first place. Stern offered to produce one of Eric's screenplays, describing Lynch's writing style as "a cross between Edward Albee and an earthworm," under the condition that he would be starring. Celebrities including Zach Braff , Zac Efron and Diana Degarmo among others Tweeted their condolences, with Eric's trademark sign off "bye for now" trending number one as a Twitter Hashtag. He is rarely called an actor, but was instead jokingly referred to as "Eric the Astronaut" for a time, as he is as much of an astronaut as he is an actor.

Despite being bested, Eric refused to admit that she had been on the show and Howard compared him to a Holocaust denier. Languages Simple English Edit links. During a July 16, Howard News update, Steve Langford announced that he had 3 sources stating that Eric had been visiting Stern Fan Network claiming to be a seven foot tall, tattooed Texan named "Romeo Blues" a pseudonym previously used by Lenny Kravitz. Since , Lynch had listeners cracking up with his candid phone calls on the show.

  • New Gig for Eric the Midget
  • Eric has made one in-studio appearance on November 3, alongside two prostitutes from the Bunny Ranch. Because of his short legs and a club foot he uses a wheelchair to get around.
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  • On October 24, , Eric the Midget called into the show to read an excerpt from his children's book called "Dougie the Puggie's Holiday Adventure".

Eric used Fratto's answering machine to leave a message threatening that Stern would be in "hot water" if he didn't refrain from interfering with either Eric's personal or business affairs. In one of them Howard left the message as his father and in the other one he was doing his Eric the Midget voice. Eric preferred to be called Eric the Actor. At the age of 31, Lynch moved to his own apartment in Sacramento, California with a roommate named Jon.

On July 2, , Howard news reporter Shuli revealed that Lynch broke his promise to refrain from calling the show and contacted the news department in regards to a photograph of him posted on Shuli's MySpace account. As a tribute, let's get Eric trending. When asked whether she was really Eric's girlfriend she simply said that she's a girl and she is his friend, Eric is a boy and he's her friend.

Apocalypse very special thanks. Eric however, subsequently made an appearance on the Stern Show on March 13 , when Johnny Fratto called into the show with Eric on the line. You know what to do.


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