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DESCRIPTION: I'm not telling you that either of you are 'wrong' or bad but you and OP shouldn't be surprised if people don't accept your relationships. Most people will tell you, he wants you for one thing. Just make sure you communicate. You are allowed to be happy.

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CAN A 16 YEAR OLD DATE A 24 YEAR OLD ? | Yahoo Answers

Some people are just too uptight and can't understand anyone else's world view.

  • Those were the days.
  • How is that related to what I said?
  • The typical response that that young people are more easily taken advantage of than older people is baseless. My past relationships have either been purely physical or not all that good, and I've cut them off after about a month.

But back in the "good ol days", 16 year olds were fine to breed with. I'd reckon she is old enough to start making her own decisions in some areas. The important thing is to be with someone who makes you a better person. I had severe depression, and I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do with my life.

If you’re over 16 and are charged with sexual activity with a year old, you are more likely to end up in legal trouble than if you were under How you are dealt with will depend on your age. Jun 15,  · I'm currently talking to a 17 year old girl a lot. I'm really interested in her and really want to make a move and ask her on a date. Something keeps on.


You reply is super informative, and really brought me around to your point of view. Thanks, I appreciate it. My friend met her current boyfriend when she was 17, they got on really well, but he got a bit freaked out by age. However, enjoying a life full of friends and love, sometimes we gotta let a Daating down a bit. I did some bad shit and never really meant to. As I said, I am not trying to sway you from this relationship or that happiness.

That is where you and your parents come into talking about this guy and your life and future. As a fellow 16 year old, I think I can relate to where he's coming from. Click here to message the mods.

Jan 10,  · With a 16 year old there would be nothing in common with a 24 year old. Tell the 16 year old to hold off on "dating" the 24 year old for another 2 years. Tell them to limit it to emails or phone converstaions only and if after 2 years they still want to date, and actually do have things in common then you know it isnt just for the obvious Status: Resolved. Dec 02,  · 16 year old dating a 24 year old in ohio? Is it wrong for a 16 year old girl to date a 24 year old guy? First thoughts about Status: Resolved. But I do wonder about the true motives for a 24 year old dating a 16 year old. k Views · View Upvoters Patrick Donohue, Connoisseur of fine women, dated many, lived with several, married one.

You're probably not the first underage female he's tried to take advantage of, and you certainly won't be the last. Most people will tell you, he wants you for one thing. Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

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  • We don't really know the other side of the situation in regard to the situation. This continued for about a week before he ended up asking about my age.
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  • I can see where you are coming from.

In fact, I believe that if you care about someone at all then you should always care about their decisions. You were originally stating that nobody should care if they were together, it wasn't related to her making decisions. It was a collection of short stories, I believe, but I can't quite remember. I think age only matters when it's obvious someone is manipulating the other. I know we live in a very negative time for love, regarding people thoughts on love. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

I'm not sure what the options are outside of Canada, but we have a lot of online schooling choices here. Do not insult, antagonize, interrogate or criticize the OP. She's my world after all, but it would be off message, which is this:

Enjoy it for everything its worth, and ignore the haters. Is England now the favorite to win the World Cup after their escape from Tunisia? If we are always looking in our past to fix all of our unresolved issue we will be to busy to make new unresolved issues. So I know how you feel. But, just a guess. Love just isn't as scary as the world makes it seem. The decision to be with him is her own though, and no one should give a shit about what she decides.


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