Is It Cheating If You Are On A Break



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If so I have no idea if its cheating or not. Is it cheating if you're on a break? Answer Questions Is she really a girl? Every awesome person is your potential soul mate. It would be okay if you had broken up, but you are just a skank that cant keep her legs closed for 5 minutes.

DESCRIPTION: My boyfriend and I of 3 years broke up but was still in contact via txt.. In other words, it means you are single; at least temporarily. But after a while we started to get along and decided to try again still not knowing about the other girl. She has since told me that she did kiss the boy, and it was empty, but she lied and had denied it earlier.

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She cheated while we were on a break - Love

Is she treating him like a "floor mat" or is she just trying to live without losing him?

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  • Is my boyfriend cheating on me? Idiota so youre still alive?
  • If you set the bar too high, you'll both fail and hate each other. My ex did that with me.
  • Should I be wary of getting involved with this guy?
  • She had ended it, not I.

Getting involved with someone else during a break: Cheating or Not?

Vacation Apologizers are douchey monsters who are looking for any excuse to set their sex parts loose. She went back to him. They do need better hobbies, however. So pretty much with you, it sounds like yall broken up recently. I am going to enslave all women one day. Getting involved with someone else during Chfating break:

I don't think he learned anything from it, so he will most likely keep doing it until he winds up all alone. Where did the concept of "cheating" originate from? This summer she went on a study abroad, and since her mom has always had a strong presence in her life while in college, this was her first time really feeling independent and free. Now my question is, how the heck is smushing some other chicks during this period classified as cheating?

Its like a phase. If someone is trying to pull one, they're just playing games.. I said if she wasn't broken up with him for good, I was finished with her. Baaand On The Run!

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  • I think that's how the saying goes.

She told me that this new found freedom and independence has made her want to take a break from us so she can live for herself and re-evaluate what she wants in life. My ex did that with me. There's nothing like a break in relationships,its either you are with someone or not.

This whole break seems like a selfish exercise, and not very fair to me. How would you feel if your boyfriend had sex with another girl on the break? Vacation Apologizers are douchey monsters who are looking for any excuse to set their sex parts loose.

I am just saying breaks suck. The romantic relationship would be thought to resume once both parties enjoy some time apart to soul search and to find themselves without the burden of a relationship. I've really wanted to just forgive her and move on; let it be water under the bridge. Getting involved with someone else during a break: I wonder y pple like getting things complicated for themselves.

Never leave a vaccum in a relationship. I've never been on a break, but isn't the point of it to date other people and stuff? But please, don't even think about a proposal right now. Well I found out later that night from the guy that she had hooked up wth him. My boyfriend and I of 3 years broke up but was still in contact via txt..


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